New Mercedes-Benz Fleet and Corporate Specials For Sale in Hoffman Estates

The 2015 GLA250 is a great value for a fleet vehicle.

How to Participate:

We value our business partners here at Mercedes-Benz of Hoffman Estates, and to show our appreciation we are delighted to offer our corporate and fleet customers from Schaumburg to Naperville a very special executive fleet incentive program. We are thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to get a great deal on the purchase or lease of one of our world-class luxury vehicles. It is simple and easy to take advantage of this exclusive offer, just follow these steps:

  1. In order to receive your FEP Incentive Form, please complete the Fleet Employee Program Enrollment Form and email/fax the completed form along with a photo Driver’s License to or Fax (201) 263.7313.Note: Information provided is subject to third party verification and Mercedes-Benz USA LLC, Fleet Operations reserves the right to request additional information for employment verification.
  2. Visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Hoffman Estates and select your vehicle
  3. Present one of our sales professionals with your FEP Incentive Form and your photo Driver’s License
  4. Negotiate your price
  5. Fleet incentives are available on all sedans/wagons/4MATIC® All-Wheel Drive models where applicable. Incentive amounts are subject to change without notice and should be confirmed with your dealer at time of transaction. The Fleet Incentive must be used at time of purchase/lease. Purchaser granted control number must be the buyer/co-buyer or lessee/co-lessee. Fleet incentives cannot be used in conjunction with Diplomat, European Delivery, Courtesy Vehicle Program (CVP) vehicle that has not met the minimum service requirement, Special Demos, certificate programs, control number programs, other Fleet Programs (Corporate Sales or Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB)), or non-U.S. specification vehicles.
  6. Your FEP incentive can also be combined with any special lease or finance program in place at the time of purchase.
    • Please note that the employee is entitled to one control number per calendar year, which is valid until one year from issue date.
    • To be eligible for the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Employee Program, vehicles must be new and unused.


FEP Incentives

Model Year 2016

FEP Incentive Amount

  • smart ICE Coupe & Cab: $2,250/$3,250/$3,750

Model Year 2017

FEP Incentive Amount

  • B-Class: $3,000
  • C-Class (Sedan): $2,500
    C-Class (Coupe & Cab): $2,000
  • CLA: $1,250
  • CLS: $2,500
  • E-Class (Sedan): $2,500
  • E-Class (Coupe & Cab): $3,500
  • E-Class Wagon: $1,500
  • G-Class (excludes G 550 4X4): $500
  • GLA: $1,250
  • GLE (SUV) (excludes GLE 43W4): $1,500
    GLE 43W4: $2,000
  • GLE (Coupe): $500
  • GLC (SUV): $1,500
  • GLC (Coupe): $500
  • GLS: $1,750
  • S-Class (Sedan): $5,500
  • S-Class (Coupe): $3,000
  • S-Class Cab (S 550A): $5,500
  • S-Class Cab (AMG®): $15,500
  • SL-Class: $2,500
  • SLC: $1,500
  • Mercedes-Maybach: $4,500
  • smart ICE Coupe: $1,250/$1,750/$2,250
  • smart ICE Cabriolet: $500/$1,000/$1,500
    smart EV: $500/$2,000

Model Year 2018

FEP Incentive Amount

  • C-Class (Sedan): $1,750
  • C-Class (Coupe & Cab): $1,000
  • E-Class (Sedan): $2,000
  • E-Class (Coupe): $1,000
  • E-Class (Cab & Wagon): $500
  • S-Class (Sedan)(Excludes S 450V/V4): $1,500
  • S-Class S 450V/S 450V4: $2,500
  • CLA: $1,250
  • CLS: $500
  • GLA: $1,250
  • SLC: $1,000
  • SL-Class: $1,500
  • GLC (Coupe): $500
  • GLC (SUV): $1,500
  • GLE (SUV): $1,500
  • GLE (Coupe): $500
  • GLS: $1,000
  • Mercedes-Maybach: $500
Available for qualified customers only.

Click Here for Official Program Rules

*The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease, by presenting your dealer with your Corporate Account Number (CAN), and/or your corresponding program form (if applicable). Incentives are non-transferrable and may only be used by the company employee. Incentive amounts are Model Year specific and are subject to change without notice. These incentives are only available on new and unregistered Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

All fleet sales for incentive enhancements must be DDR’d by close of business November 30, 2017.

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