Fleet Employee Program

The Fleet Employee Program (FEP) offers MBUSA paid Fleet Employee Program (FEP) fleet incentives to active employees (no retirees) of companies having a valid Corporate Account Number (CAN) and having received FEP approval from MBUSA. Eligible individuals may purchase/lease ONE (1) new Mercedes-Benz vehicle per year in their personal name. Eligible individuals must be listed as buyer or co-buyer on Buyer's Order or Finance Agreement, or as lessee or co-lessee on the Lease Agreement.


Only select companies are eligible for the Fleet Employee Program.

    * All employees of these select companies qualify for ONE (1) control number per calendar year unless otherwise noted.
    * Employees of companies participating in FEP must complete a Fleet Employee Program (FEP) Enrollment Form  and contact Mercedes-Benz Hoffman Estates at 866-439-5248.
    * The Mercedes-Benz issued control number is listed on the form.
    * The form and a photo Driver's License should be brought to any Mercedes-Benz dealership together with ONE (1) of the following proofs of employment:
         1. Copy of previous month's pay stub or direct deposit slip*
         2. Corporate website verification

Note: All supporting documentation is subject to third-party verification