Corporate Sales Program

Companies must have an active Corporate Account Number (CAN) and the new vehicle must be registered in the company name.


Companies with the vehicle fleets may be granted a corporate account number (CAN) if they meet the following criteria:

    * Operate fifteen (15) or more vehicles (any make or model) currently registered in the company name; registrations in individual names, titles and insurance cards are not accepted.
    * For leased vehicles, in addition to the registrations in the leasing company's name, a Buyer's Order or Lease Agreement or Insurance Company list is required to link the VIN to the company applying for the CAN
    * Only motor vehicles registrations will be considered for CAN eligibility; no registrations for trailers, boats, motorcycles, machinery, etc. will be considered

To obtain a CAN, companies must submit:

    * For a complete Corporate Account Enrollment Form click HERE and contact Mercedes-Benz of Hoffman Estates at 866-439-5248.
    * Copies of the appropriate vehicle registrations

Note: A CAN is exclusive to the company it is issued to. A parent company, company subsidary or an affiliate company must apply for its own Corporate Account Number (CAN) and may not use the subsidary, parent or affiliate company's CAN